Challenging: dynamic maps with multiple locations

In the table, I have the addresses of 50 shops, with the date of which Sunday is open. For example, today are opened 10, next Sunday, another ten etc. Depending on the date filter, I get a list of 10 stores that are open on a certain Sunday. Based on that filtered list I want to get a dynamic map automatically, of course my actual location is in the center of this map! How is it possible to get with Glide application and with usage of Google Maps?

Do you already have the date filter working, or is that what you need help with?

A map is just another collection style, so it can be filtered in the same way as any other collection.

Sorry for maybe stupid question! So I can just display map collection using filtered list of three or 33 rows with locations? In which form I represent the locations, Google Maps URLs or coordinates (e.g. 45.815315,15.996605,17) or something else?

Yes, that should work.
For best results, use a Text column with latitude and longitude separated by a comma. eg: 1.319241308009106, 103.80066702287198

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Tnx, it works. Issue: distances to the shop are of course user specific. It doesn’t work for not loggedin users. How can it be solved?

Don’t use a user specific column. Are you saying the shop location is user specific, or the user location?

Distances to the shops.

Distance is always calculated on the user’s device based on the From and To locations. What I’m asking is which From or To location is user specific. The Distance column only becomes user specific if you feed it user specific values. If it’s the business location, then why is it a user specific column? If it’s from the user’s location, the why not use ‘current location’ instead of a location from a user specific column?

I guess I’m having trouble understanding your question based on what’s been posted above. Screenshots of your configuration would help a lot.

Sorry for my poor explanation. I have the list of closest shops, as depicted. Distance column is of course user specific. This of course functions only for logged users.

If set up correctly it shouldn’t matter if the user is signed in or not.

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ok, it functions!
Lateral question: how can I get within the Glide app coordinates or GoogleMaps link from address?
I have seen some component for that, but when trying to use it, it requests API key. Is there some other way to get this stuff in other way?

Some of the built in integrations will do that, but you do need to sign up with those external services to aquire an API key. You’re responsible for getting your own API key to use those external services.

The other option is to manually look up the coordinates and copy paste them into your data.

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Manual workaround: I have already considered it as an option, but there is one huge problem! On Android platform there is no possibility to copy the coordinates! It works only on PC (Windows) with right mouse click on the location selected. Google problem:

Unlike to that, windows desktop offers the foillowing to copy with simple click:

In addition, copy to clipboard action in Glide doesn’t function at all!?

this bug is only in new glide (pages). In classic, copy to clipboard works!!???

Is Copy to clipboard the only action you’re using for that button/component, or are there any other things?

I use the Copy to Clipboard action in several (not classic) Apps, and it works perfectly fine.
Are you able to give an example of where it doesn’t work as expected?

Now I found the same bug report from the year 2022: if OpenLink Action happens in the same CustomAction, the URL in OpenLink Action overrides clipboard!!!
Both in old and new Glide! Trivial bug, months not enough to fix?

Put a 1 second wait action between the Copy and the Open Link actions. You need to give the app time to copy to the clipboard before focus is lost to open the link.

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Hm, at the first glance, my experience as in IT-guy was that your advice here can’t work. But I always got good advices from your side, so my thinking was “Jeff for sure checked it in practice, in IT the surprises are always possible!”. I was wrong! I checked it not with one, but with 3 seconds wait, in vain!

Here is why your advice can’t work: for some weird reason, Open Link action functions in a way that it copy the URL address submitted in the action in the clipboard, provided it is in ONE custom action.

More weird: Open Link is is copying URL specified in clipboard only if Copy to clipboard action is stated in the very same custom action!!! Examples:

One action:

  1. Copy to clipboard: “from copy”
  2. Open URL: “”

Clipboard after action execution: “”

Separate actions (e.g. two buttons):

  1. Copy to clipboard: “from copy”

  1. Open URL: “”

Clipboard after action execution: “from copy”!?

Here is the most weird thing HOW this bug was produced???
As an experienced programmer, I can’t imagine how it was possible to produce such complex damageing action in this context!? Why the cipboard is filled in during Open Link action? And especially why solely AFTER Copy to clipboard action in same custom action. If separated, there is no such clipboard filling by open link action!?

This problem is already reported as a bug: