Distance column officially available

Official document

Glide's official announcement on Twitter


Some notes

  • Compute distance between 2 locations, 1 needs to be stored in your data (can be address or pair of latitude/longitude).
  • Glide needs approval to use browser’s location to use this feature.
  • Distance calculated in kilometers.
  • The same quota applies here as for the map pins, which is 10 for free apps before upgrading.

This will be fun to play with. I assume we will just need to do the math to convert from km to other units.

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Yeah, but with a Pro app, obviously.

Why Pro only?

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I meant to talk about the quota with the free apps, so if you want to test something on a big scale then a Pro app must be used.

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Got it. That makes sense.

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Hola @ThinhDinh

If you use coordinates, you can use more than 10 map pins on your free APP. Here is my test:




Is there a limit on this? Thanks a lot!!

Love it! Very useful for map & distance centric for sure :+1:

Two user-specific columns feeding two single value columns and one distance column allows me to filter 15000 addresses to those that are within a x-mile radius.


Video Link: https://www.loom.com/share/eaa448418022410caa396b202c5d5212


Hi Robert. Any chance of seeing the sheet & app structure behind how you did this?


Here’s how!


Video Link: https://www.loom.com/share/1e9f704e8a604ab58d2a458de33669fc


That’s great. Thanks Robert. That’s all clear.
Out of interest where did you get your base data from for the list of clinics?

Client had entered them. I surely didn’t import them :wink:

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@Robert_Petitto How did you use 15,000 addresses when the limit is 1,000 map pins? Your help would be really appreciated.

I’m never displaying all pins at once!

I have a similar list of places (E.g. place names and addresses) and, when looking at the details of one specific location I want to be able to add an in-line list that also shows ‘nearby’ places, where the other ‘nearby’ places are from the same list. For instance filter the in-line list of nearby places to within 4Km of the address of the place details being show.
Do you know how I could go about this? Is it a relation to itself and then pull in addresses and have a distance column? I have tried this but can’t work out how to do the relation part!

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Thank you Robert for your great video, it really helped.

From my experience the zip code needs not to be in the same table because the Single Value function can also work with values from other tables.

I’ve also realised, that if you want to calculate a distance with 4-digit zip codes (as we have them in Austria), the calculated values are wrong, but it works great if you add a city name to the zip code.

That will be the case since many other countries use 4-digit ZIP codes (Australia, New Zealand, etc.)

I think if you just append the country name to the ZIP code, you will get a lot more accurate measure of the distances.


Excel has a way of interpreting zip codes into coordinates as well as states, counties, countries, cities, etc. just put the list in excel and click the geography button as the column is highlighted and it will do the rest.