User Location as a Filter?

Hi Community - Is it possible to use the Map component and identify a user’s location and use that to show them a filtered list of rows which match?

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Right now, Glide can’t identify a user’s location, as far as I’m aware.
You can use the map layout and show the pins though… Does that work for you?

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That functionality works, but isn’t giving me the real power I want, which is to simplify the experience for the user. A search across the community pages reveal this has been asked for at recently as December 2019, but no roadmap for delivery from what I can see.

Can we filter by location given recent intro of allowing user to make their location public?


I have an app on the pipeline for a customer that has to be built next week.
I’ll share it here, to see how we can use the geolocation now.

You can add a Distance column and filter by distance.

:point_up_2: what he said

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