Problems with map - current location and filtering based on type of location

Hi gliders, I have 3 problems with my map currently.

  1. In my map the current location on the map doesn’t work anymore so you have to pinch the screen to see what’s closest to you. Is this because I have too many items on the map?
  2. Before i had a filter where you could filter out what type of place you were looking for. This one has disappeared. How do I add this back?
  3. When setting up a profile I have added a switch so they can include their current profile. However if not cehecked the first time this cannot be switched on later

Anyone that knows the solution to all/ any of these? Very appreciated :pray:

I suppose you can add it via the In-app filter part in the Features of the tab?

I think you can add a “Profile” tab for users and in the edit option, add that checkbox as a field for them to edit.

Thanks, fixed the filtering.

Re profile switch I have already included that. The problem is that is does no work in case the user did not chose it the first time

What component did you use it? Does it not being able to be switched on at all?

It works sometimes

Oh, so this is a location component that will record the coordinates and once you have that, the pin will show up on the map, is that correct?

I assume you’re using a Pro app.

Yes, exactly on both questions!

So the switch does not turn to its “on” status at all when you click it? Do you have any further settings related to the switch?

No further settings - it works sometimes though

If you have time, it would be nice if you can find a common thing between those users that you can use the switch.

Will check- thanks for the tip!

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Do those users have location disabled on their device, or in their browser, or through app settings?

Hi, even if location is enabled nothing happens when you press on the current location arrow that will zoom it to where you are (you have to pinch the screen). The distance to places work though

I don’t know if the ever has or will auto zoom in when you tap the button to show your current location. It just shows your location in relation to all the pins on the map. Since your pins cover a large area, it’s zoomed out. If you wanted to zoom in to a specific radius, then I would create a distance column for that sheet to get the distance from the user to each location. Then filter you list so locations within an specific distance are shown. (For example, filter to show all locations <= 50km). This should cause the map to zoom in to show only those pins within 50km. This won’t make the pins farther than 50km show when you zoom out though.

I haven’t done a whole lot with the map myself, buts it’s always been my impression that the initial load will always show every pin on the map and will zoom out so every pin is visible. Tapping on the arrow on the map will just add a dot to show your current location as well.


Ah, ok. When I started I only had one city so my impression was that it did but maybe you are right. Will test with the distance filtering - that’s smart :pray: :grinning:

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Yes, same problem.

Current map implementation makes Glide maps unusable at anything like “real” location volumes.

Being able to set the initial zoom is what may be required. Or a way to filter based on distance from current location (like several other nocode tools at a similar price).

I don’t see how filtering would be possible on a public page, as the location of the viewer is not in the sheet ?

@NigelG You can filter by location. Just add a distance column and it will calculate distance to each address from the user’s current location. Set your filters to only show locations within a certain range.

One way to make the map less messy is to show only one pin per location on the map, regardless the number of items in that location.

Then, in turn, you can show all the items under that location as an inline list.

Thank you, I had erroneously thought that a user needed to be logged in for that to work !

It is hard to get the filter on though … would suggest loading a small number of locations first :slight_smile:

It would be nice if the radius followed the centre of the map though.