URGENT: Issue with Map / User Location / Mapbox

Hi Gliders - In desperate need of assistance.
Whilst using the map function/screen, ‘user’s location’ is lost upon pinching / zooming in on map
I have investigated using sample template apps and same issue occurs.
Hoping someone can assist me…
Many thanks

I was just thinking about this as well. I think in the past it’s been mentioned it has to do with the Mapbox and that functional component needs to be upadated for Glide maps.

When I tap on the floating arrow button to display the map in my location it zooms put entirely.

Hi @Jen_NYCP .
Thanks for the note. Yes, this is exactly the same issue I’m experiencing. When I ‘pinch’ the screen/map back to my location, my Geo-location disappears all together.

Any suggestions for a fix?