Urgent: Timeframes for Mapbox Update / Glide Map

Hi @david.
Can you please confirm a timeframe to resolve Mapbox / User Location bugs?!?

The User location function is basically defunct with no ability to geo-locate locations within a usable range - if at all.

There is no ability to zoom to user location;
No ability to track user location; and
User location is lost within zooming to current location.

I have explored to see if this issue exists within demo app templates (cost search) and the same problem exists with these templates too.

If this can’t be resolved soon, I’ll regrettably have to leave glide and seek other alternative solutions - as the app viability (and pro subscription) is not functional/practical without the map/geolocation performing basic tasks.

I’ll add that these bugs did not exist prior to the Glide update.

Many thanks

We update Glide twice each week, so I am not sure what you mean by “the Glide update.”

Can you provide more info about what you believe to be a bug or a regression? This looks like a mix of feature requests and bug reports?

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Hi @david
The update to glide I’m referring to, was the major interface update earlier this year. Prior to February, map screens and user location function was working perfectly.

Currently, User location position (upon user location being selected) does not zoom into a users position. Map inturn zooms out to a geographic range of 200 +/- km of users position.

Currently, users position is lost upon pinching the screen to zoom in to find users position.

You can view exactly what is happening by accessing my app https://www.bemoxie.tech or viewing any other map based demo template.

Not requesting any feature updates at all. The bugs current being experienced as also being noticed by other users. I’m simply requesting that this issue be acknowledged and hopefully resolved (fingers crossed) :grimacing: