Floating icon for switching to map view missing

My app’s URL: tourlex.glideapp.io

Illustration of the bug. NOTE, I say tourlex.glideapp.com when I meant tourlex.glideapp.io

That floating button issue is the same one you had a while back, correct? I am experiencing that issue in your app, but if I click into a stop and then go back to the list, the map floating button shows up.

You mentioned in your video that the screen is supposed to be formatted as a map. You should be able to set the default view to a map by clicking on the inline list on the left side of the screen. Then you should be able to set the default view to be a map be settings to the right on

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Yes, this is the same problem – which seems to come and go over time. In my experience, such bugs are frequently associated with uninitialized variables that yield random results when referenced.

And Yes, I misspoke in my video – such are the ways of spontaneous speech. I should have said it initially comes up as a list but has the floating icon of a folded map for showing the same list on a map.

But the bottom line is that this bug is still in the system. It would be great if this is fixed.

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Hi @forsdick
I can’t seem to open your link, however I’m curious if you’re experiencing problems with the ‘user location’ function?
When the user opts to find their location, is their location sought or does the screen, instead, zoom out to a larger geographical range?
I’m having significant issues with my map and user location function…just seeing if its a shared experiences.