Button in Map is just a Blue Circle instead of Folded Map inside of Blue Circle

My app’s URL: https://lexbyfandp.glideapp.io/

In the following image, the red arrow points to the problem.

This problem occurs in both the desktop browser as well as my iPhone.


I noticed this yesterday and confirmed today that still solid circle and not folded map.


I guess in this state, the icon in the image in my first post should have been the list icon instead of the folded map icon. Sorry.

While I’ve got your attention, how long does one typically have to wait until what seems tome like a pretty simple fix gets fixed. Not only does this look pretty stupid, but it is very confusing to someone trying my app built on Glide. Not a great ad for the power of Glide I keep talking about if we can’t get simple things correct, ¿No? Sorry for being grumpy, I’m near the end of a long day ready to show my app for the first time to my client and not looking forward to explaining this little gotcha…

The bug is still present.

This has now been fixed.


Beat me to it, @ThinhDinh! I guess that’s the advantage of being in an earlier timezone.

Thanks, Glide Developers for fixing this. Now I can proceed with documenting my Glideapp with screen snapshots!



Glad you got it sorted, I could tell you were getting a little frustrated, liking your fabulous walking app. Great idea :bulb:

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