Distance to location not populating

Hey everyone, wondering if I can get some insight on a problem I’m having.

I have ~4900 “listings” in my app (on the Pro plan), and have setup a distance to location for the user so they can see how far the listing is from their location. This works fine, however, not ALL listings are showing the distance.

The address that is being referenced is correct, but some distances are left blank. Is this due to the 1000 pin map limitation? Or is this a bug?

Any help is appreciated! Thanks

Possibly due to the 1000 pins problem. I assume you have the address in text. Have you tried using coordinates?

No I haven’t tried to use coordinates… maybe I’ll give that a shot. Is there an easy way to get coordinates for an address instead of doing it manually?

Also is it normal for 4900ish rows to slow down the app significantly? It’s much slower

You can type the address into google maps and get the coordinates out of the url.

I would say yes, it’s possible that 4900 rows can slow down an app if your are attempting to load all of that at once on the same screen. Especially if you are throwing in images. 4900 rows of data and images is a lot to cache on a user’s device if it’s all loaded at the same time.


Thanks for the response, that’s good to know.

As for the slow down… if I have an infinite list which can display the 4900 rows, but it’s being filtered so only 20-30 will be displayed for the user (it’s being sorted by distance within a certain radius)… will this speed things up? Or doesn’t the sheer number of options that need to be filtered slow it down as well?

I’m asking because I’m hoping I can speed up the app somehow to make the user experience a little bit smoother

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It’s kind of a gray area as far as my knowledge on this. I’m only making assumptions based on my experience. I have parts of my app that are slow too. The app initially loads fine, but when I switch to the tab that has the large amount of data, then it’s slow to load. I think in my case, I have a lot of data combined with a lot of glide computed columns, so filtered or not, I think the entire sheet needs to process through all those computations before it can display anything. In your case, you may be filtering you data by distance, but it still has to process all of those rows of data…so it would have to calculate realtime distance on all of those rows before it can even determine if they should be filtered out at all. If you have any other additional computed columns, like math, templates, relations, lookups, etc, then that’s additonal calculation that have to occur. If any relations refer to any other sheets, then I also assume it has to process the rows in those other sheets as well. All computed columns are computed on each individual device, so part of it also depends on the speed of the device and how much available memory it has.

If possible, I think it would be better to categorize your data first. Maybe have a sheet with just categories and that’s what you display first. Then you can drill down into each category to see items within that category. I’m not sure, but I think something like that may help a little bit.


That makes total sense. I’ll definitely be looking into that. I really appreciate the insight, thank you! :smiley:

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