Distance column officially available

For this to work, does the user have to enter some kind of location information, zipcode, address, etc? Or can it just take the person’s location from their phone’s GPS.
I would like to create an inline list that shows locations that are nearby without the user having to enter anything. Thanks!

Current location is one of the options in the column settings. It uses the GPS if the user allows the app to have access.

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City guide app

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Yes!! Omg this looks so good :grinning:

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I assume that the Distance to Location feature is calculating the distance as the crow flies. If so, is there a way to calculate travel distance (i.e. along roads)?

Good question

You are correct: as the crow flies.

Good question. I used a script to populate distances before the distance column is a thing, and the main advantage of it is actually calculate the “driving” distance.


If by user mistake the App is not enabled for Gps use, is there a way to request later?

Hey Robert, maybe a silly question but how do you NOT display all pins at once?

@LTC_Golf :point_up:t3:

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Thanks! I have done this, but the app still seems much slower than what is shown in the video… and I only have ~4900 rows. Is there a particular reason for this?

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You’d need to filter the results somehow.

I don’t think so. The notification is controlled by the browser. If a user intentionally dismisses it or block location access to begin with, it is assumed that they don’t want to be bothered with more location requests. You would have to put an explanation in the app telling them how and why they need to have location enabled.


Thanks- the video was great!- having issue with the dropping of the leading 0. When I try the work around of formatting the zip code text as opposed to number then I can’t get it to work. Is there a work around for this?

Use a text entry component that writes to a basic > text column instead of a number entry/column?

Thanks - I’m new at this - so taking a while to process - I believe I’ve incorporated everything - still not working correctly. Some zip codes work / others randomly don’t.
Will continue to experiment. - perhaps try another approach.
What I want to do is quite simple - just need to find a vendor based on distance from a given address. A simple x mile radius. -

This is probably correct. Glide has mentioned that Zipcodes alone don’t provide enough data to generate accurate distances/maps. Full addresses are better.

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Ok thanks
back to the drawing board

Got it to work - set the user defined Zipcode to a text entry field so that the leading 0 does not drop, and calculating distance to coordinate points and upgrading to a paid plan it appears to be working - thanks for all your help