Distance Column Configuration - confusion

For whatever reason, I’m not sure where the problem is: In configuration area I’d expect the “From” to be a “current location” option – but that is only available under “To” therefore no distance is computed…
please advice - thanks!!

What is the difference here if you have the current location in “From”? Wouldn’t it be the same?

The screenshots i’ve included are not in line with what is in glideapps documentation - the point here is that i do not see the distance calculation - the results are empty cells - unless there is more to it - if so, I cant find the instructions - can someone pls point out - thank you

What are the values in your address column? Also have you allowed Glide to access your location on your desktop? You will get a pop-up asking you to do that.

Hmm - couple things that i see: the addresses are just regular string of street city zip state; yes, allowed initially on desktop when testing - However, on a separate topic interestingly, when using map/list view and allowing to view my current location, the location button does not always work … tapping/clicking and tapping/clicking on desktop and iphone and the blue dot is not showing up - and then somehow it does - and then doesnt … you can see the prototype app here: app.lanesboro.com