Email Notifications Help/Question

Hi Gliders,
I am working with the Glide Apps free plan.
For now, I can manage it.
I am working on an app for our church.
When people log in for the first time, they need to fill in some details on their profile.
When they have done that and press the “Complete” button, I want to send an email to the admin, so he knows that there is a new user and he then can prove or delete this user.
If I set up a custom action and select the “send email” option, I see a message saying that I need to upgrade to be able to send an email.
I thought there was a maximum number of emails you could send per month, but maybe when the plans were changed, this also was changed.
So now I am looking into Zapier or Make.
I saw that Zapier has a 15min update time.
And Make has a minimum interval between scheduled scenarios.
Does this mean that they both run only once every 15 minutes?
How about if there is more than one new user within that 15 min, how does it work then?
Or will it send an email for every new user, every 15min?
I know that we could upgrade and have a shorter interval, but right now we are first testing some things and see how it works. (But if it all can be done for free, it’s better.)
I hope my question is clear and that someone can clear it up for me.
Or maybe there are other ways to get the same thing done (for free), quicker.

You can connect Zapier with the app.

Set the trigger when “Complete Profile” button is pressed. It will instantly send email to you along with all profile details.

You can connect zapier and Glide and gmail. Don’t connect Googlesheets with Zapier

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If I connect Glide with Zapier, then I don’t have that 15min interval?
No matter how many users will complete their profile in that 15min?
Do you maybe know that if I connect Glide with Zapier, if I then also still have a max of 100 actions per month, or more?

Can you show me how have you set up your user on-boarding page?.

Yes, it won’t have a 15 minutes delay, but your actions will be limited to 100 unless you upgrade to pro zapier.

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(button action)

You mean this?
Normally for a new user, the image is not there and under it is the button to complete the profile.
After pressing the button, it will go away and the image will show.

I believe previously on the legacy pricing, this was only available for Private Pro.

Now, on the new team plans, it should be available for all paid plans.

Unlike Zaps/Webhooks, this has always been a paid feature.

Regarding Make/Zapier, you can just send a payload through the webhook/Zapier action and have the scenario send an email instantly.

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For Zapier, this is still limited to 100 actions per month for the free Zapier plan?

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Seems like it’s not on the pricing page. Do we have an answer for this @SantiagoPerez ?

On Glide’s free plan there is no limit to trigger a zapier.

On Zapier, you can send 100 actions in the Zapiers free plan.


There’s no limit for zaps and webhooks in any of the plans.