Error message trigger Zapier

Dear All,

I just created a trigger to allow the sending of an email with zapier.
My integration worked but now I have an error message when I click on the button in my Glide app et launch trigger in zappier saying: “Cette action n’a pas pu être déclenchée Cette application doit être mise à jour pour continuer” (please update application to follow).
What do I have to do to solve this problem ?

Is there a reason you don’t use the send email action directly in Glide?

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I thought email actions via Glide were not working yet. Am I mistaken ?

I’m creating a library for borrowing books. My action is :

  • if I have borrowed a book, I will receive an reminder email 3weeks later if if I still haven’t returned the book.
    I created my action on Glide but I don’t know how to/where allocate my action.

Can you help me ?

You can’t yet do time triggered actions from Glide.
So you would need something external to Glide to query the database on a schedule, and send the notifications for you.
This may or may not be possible in your case, depending on which Plan you have.

Thanks Darren for your reply.
Indeed I tried Zapier. It worked but since yesterday I have an error message in Glide saying"“This action could not be triggered Please update application to follow.”. Do you have an idea ? I refreches Glide but it still do not work

I’ve never used Zapier, so I’m not really sure what that error means.

Which Glide Plan do you have?

I don’t know what a glide plan is ahahha. sorry

Go to your Glide Dashboard and look at your Team Name at the top left. The plan is under that.
If you don’t know what plan you are on, then you are almost certainly on either a Free or Legacy Free plan.

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Zapier is not available on free plan

Thanks for the answer.
What type of other tool I could use to send email with my Free Glide app ?