How to send email from Glide app?


How do you send an email from glideapps to gmail?

use email entry component or email button:

You either need to use a “compose email” action on a button that has the recipient as the Gmail you want to send to (assuming this is a fixed mail), or use a “send email” action that directly sends the mail (not opening the composer like compose email), but “send email” is only available for Private Pro apps.

hmm… unless you use triggered script or Code Column… ;-). SAMPLE

do you need glide pro to send an email? because when I try it that is what it is saying

Only on Private Pro you can directly send emails, compose email is free.

thank you!

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My sample is a free app. and I updated it with some new cool effects :smile:



how do you connect your email to Zapier so it sends an email?

Is not a Zapier...

*is Google scripts*

i am confused.

Why ?

is it saying no zaps configured in zapier. I refreshed the page and my zapier is turned on. my test email was also successful.

that i have nothing to do with… my script is sending you the email… did you receive it ?

yes I did. but when I am trying it is not working.

What do you mean? Is not working anymore? Did you check email address if you typed correctly? I got few alerts that failed to deliver because address not found

it works good… just checked

I am trying to integrate zapier for my own app to send an email and its not working.

i never used zapier, so i cant help you, i always write my own scripts

oh okay, no problem! Thank you!