Email with Zapier

How do you send an email through Zapier? I tried but there seems to be some glitch. If someone can show me that would be great!

How are you having it set up? You should be able to send some fields from Glide to Zapier, then use those fields to construct an email within Zapier.

there is some glitch in mine and I am not sure how to show it.

Can you record a video/send some screenshots over?

Yes. It is giving me this:

Seems like you have not configured the field in Glide to be sent to Zapier, have you?

No I do not think I did that.

How do I configure the field in Glide to be sent to Zapier?

The link sent above should be enough for you to do that. Which step are you struggling with?

I am trying to test it with a sample app, but it is not working for me.

Seems like you have not connected this app with Zapier. Have you configured the Glide module in Zapier with this app’s key?

Yes I did

If you can record a video it would explain more. The Glide error message shows that there’s no Zap connected though. Maybe you haven’t turned it on?