Issue with Zapier & Email Draft Creation

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Hi there,

Not sure if this is an issue with Zapier or Glide, but in my app, I have a button set up such that it triggers a Zap to create an email draft with a prepopulated email that a user can edit before sending. Strangely enough, when I test it and click on the button, nothing happens except I see a “Sent” message from the Glide app (which is odd because it should be opening a draft anyways as opposed to sending an email anyways). When I look at Zapier and my Zap History, the Zaps appear to be going through, but I haven’t received an email in my inbox, which makes me think it isn’t working. Any ideas/thoughts? It seems like this might be a bug with Glide but not 100% sure.

Hi Ellen,

At the moment we only support sending data to a Zap from Glide. We do not receive anything back from the Zap where we can perform actions within the Glide app for you like opening an email draft. Think of it as a one way send of values from your app to a Zap on Zapier. Let us know if we are misunderstaing what you are trying to do.

However, it sounds like this may work for your use case (