Glide / Zapier send email from signed in user (if not using GMAIL)

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I have been struggling for a while now and this would be the last feature I need right now. I browsed similar topics/questions but can’t find an appropriate answer.

I would like signed in users to be able to book other users using a button (on a detail page). This button should fire a pre-populated email to the receiver without revealing its email address.

So what happens if the sender is not using/doesn’t have a Gmail account? The Glide/Zapier send email integration wouldn’t work in that case right? Is there another solution?

Right now I just have a button opening the sender’s installed mail client and he/she takes it from there (of course revealing the receiver’s email address).

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Can someone help a lost soul? :slight_smile:

Create a button with a Zapier action and pass along the values you need to send an email.
Or you can create a form button to write a record to a sheet using column values to include the email as a hidden value. Set up Zapier to monitor for new rows and send an email.

Either way, it doesn’t matter what email the user uses. The connections between glide, Zapier, and Google are all through your account. Not theirs.

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Exactly…Zapier also has their own built in outbound mail app you could use instead of Gmail.


Awesome thanks guys! One last question regarding glide value for the Zap: How do I set the sender’s name to its display name. I can only choose between time/date, unique identifier, or email address.

I would like to have the name of the sender appear as sender.

Sorry for the newbie questions.

Got my answer from another thread. Should have double-checked before :wink:

Thanks a lot for your help!

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Just getting into Zapier … what is this outbound mail app you speak of?

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