Button to email without disclosing it

Hi there,

I am currently trying to implement a feature for the users to kind of send a direct message to other users by email. I know there is an “email” button but in this case the user can see the other user’s email.

I’d prefer a “contact” button with a form that would be sent by email. In other words, how to send the input of a form by email?

If anyone has been through this any help is appreciated

Might be able to do a Zapier zap. I’ve wanted the same thing to…email another user without seeing their email.

I still can’t implement that feature, I followed Jack’s new tutorial on Glide and Zapier but it won’t work.
Here is how I did :
The values:

  1. Is the users’ email in my column (the “To:”);
  2. Would be the name of the user who is signed in (and the app email’s, the same for all messages ), or the user’s who is signed in his email (the “From:”) but I don’t know how to do this step ;
  3. The subject is ok with a first row message;
  4. The body seems ok too with a first row message.

If anyone has tried that already…
Thank you

Continued here: