Users emailing each other when using row owners

Hi all,

I’d like to create a public Glide app, that sends emails to users without exposing their emails.

My thinking is to have a users table with row owners, and a profiles table without sensitive information (the two are related by using Row ID).

In a page that displays a profile collection, I’d like to have a button that triggers sending an email action to that profile.

Because of Row Owners, I cannot pull up that profile’s email from the users table for the action. I could use a formula in Google Sheets but that just violates the privacy again.

Is there any way to do this within Glide without using Zapier or other integrations?

Thank you

Well if the user can never see another user’s email then I don’t think there’s a way. You would have to use an integration like Make/Zapier, send an unidentifiable piece of info like rowID, then search for the real email address in Make/Zapier using that rowID, and send the email.

This. I can attest that this works well.

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Thank you both. What’s your experience with Make/Zapier? Which would you recommend?

Just wondering why can’t we use Glides native send email button in this case, and on user profile add a USC email body and a button for user that says Send Email? We can hide email from user profile. Just have the button visible so another user can type the text on USC column and press send button.

How do you get the email to send to in that case? If you are able to reference it in the button, then it’s exposed if any users can log in and have a deep dig to get the data. It’s downloaded to their device.

Personally I like Make more. It’s more visual and the logic branching is more flexible for me.

Oh I thought the user has agreed to remove the row owners :stuck_out_tongue:

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