Private Sign in, Limit Access by Email


Is this the same as Private Pro or under the Regular Pro category?

Also, the sheet that you select in the sign in settings, how does it know which column to pull from for the allowed email addresses?

Limit by email address is only available with Private (paid per user) apps.

This is configured in the Privacy settings:

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Oh so you have to have a sheet with just the emails?

How can I select it under regular pro then?

As I learned from @Jeff_Hager, it doesn’t have to be a dedicated sheet. ie. It can be the same sheet that you use for User Profiles.

You can’t select it for regular pro plans, as it isn’t available for those plans (unless, as I understand it, you have a legacy pro plan that was extended when the new pricing came in a few months ago)

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Ah I see, so if I select my user profile sheet, how does it know which column to pull the allowed email address from?

Oh yes I have a Pro Legacy Plan, so I guess it won’t be an option when I have to renew.
I just need more then 20 private with email slots and I see there is a limit for Private Pro.

I guess the assumption is that you only have one email column in that sheet, and it uses that.
I haven’t tried pointing it at a sheet that has multiple email address columns, so I don’t know what would happen - I suspect it may refuse to use it…

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Good point, I have an app but have not tested if having multiple email columns would break it.

Actually I have never had a sheet that has multiple email columns though, when I do it’s grouped into an array column anyway.


Only one column has email addresses, so when you select the sheet it just knows which column to use?

Also for private with email, only 20 emails address can be used?

It’s Magic! :wink: I’m not sure either how it knows where to find the emails in the sheet, but it just works.

20 users is not a limit. It’s just the minimum number of unique users allowed for the base plan price. Any more than 20 users and you are billed per additional user of the app.

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Ha ok got it! So I set up visibility once signed in for a button, but it’s only pulling the email address from the first business, I would like for it to apply to all email addresses in that column. Am I missing a setting?

Bump. :oncoming_automobile:

Anyone know what I am doing wrong?

Does the By Neighborhood sheet have row owners enabled?
If yes, that would explain it.

No I do not have that

Okay, so the button has a link to screen action, which points at the By Neighborhood sheet.
And then when you click the button, you get sent to that screen and only one record is displayed, yes?

Which components do you have on that screen, and how are they configured?

First I have a sign-in button, and when a business signs in, where their email matches one in my email column, another button is seen. That is where that setting is setup. So pretty much the button is only showing up when I am signed in as the first business and not the others.

oh, right… Okay, I was completely barking up the wrong tree :joy:

Okay, so presumably you have a relation between the two sheets using email address?
You can use the state of that relation to set the button visibility. If it’s empty, don’t show the button. And vice versa.

Does that help?

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Hmm, there is only one sheet.

So your Business Owners sheet is also your User Profiles sheet? (nothing wrong if it is, I’m just trying to visualise your setup)

Yes, same sheet.Thanks!