To change to "Limit access by password"

I am trying to change from PRO level to “Limit access by password”, but there is no. There is only email login.

Are you on the Private Pro plan?

thank you. I didn’t know that. Thanks.

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I have a related question. I want to build an app that I protected by a password. But would like unlimited people to be able to access it at the same time. But I don’t need them to be users or collect emails or restrict based on emails. What plan is appropriate for this use case? Pro or Private? If private, then does this count towards the 20 private users you get? Or do the 20 private users only apply when you are limited access to emails on a sheet?

I think Pro is best for your use case, as long as you construct things well enough around your one password.

Can you limit access by password in a Basic plan? If so how do I do this? Or do I need to go up to Pro?

Thank you again

I believe those belong to Private Pro.


Thank you! I will try to get some funding for going Private Pro

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