Limit Access to Emails in User Profiles

Does anyone know exactly what this means?

It means that only users, who’s emails are in a user profile sheet, will be the ones who have access to sign into the app. If a user attempts to sign in and their email is not in the user profile sheet, then they will be denied access.

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Ok, but how is that different from the “Limit access to Emails in Sheet” option?

I not 100% sure. I don’t think it’s much different. One is a user profile sheet and one is any other sheet. You could probably choose to use ‘Emails in Sheet’ and still choose the user profile sheet. I’ve also thought it’s kind of weird to have both options.


Users sheet is a sheet with users who sign in before, another sheet is any emails… just to keep the list more specific

Another aspect of this may be that the “Limit Access to Emails in Sheet” option will search for any email addresses in any/multiple columns in the sheet, so if you have a flow that allows a user to enter other outside email addresses into that sheet for some reason, it may be inadvertently granting access to outside users that should not have access. Whereas “Limit Access to Emails in User Profile” would be restricted to only those email addresses that are in the specified user profile email column. But that’s just a theory that I have. It’s not something I’ve tried myself and I can’t find any solid documentation that says for sure.