Users getting message that their email doesn't have access

Users in the table specified in my Privacy settings are getting a message that their email doesn’t have access.

I’ve checked for leading and trailing spaces and have not found any issues.
Can anyone help?

Are you within your usage limits for the number of private user’s in your team folder?

I am.

What happens when you switch to “Users in the users table”? Looks like your Folks table is already configured as the user table, so it would make sense to use the other option.

I was unsure about switching that while it’s live. I tried to find documentation about the difference between “Any email in the table” and “Users in the user table”, but I didn’t, so I was nervous to change it.

Also, if that’s the case, wouldn’t my failed login rate be higher than 10% (which is about what it is right now)?

I’ve never used the ‘Any email in table’ option, but it’s my understanding that is looks for any email in any column. If you use the ‘Users in the users table’ option, then it only looks at emails in the column designated as the user profile email column in you user profile configuration.

I don’t know what will happen if you switch that option. I feel like it would be seamless to the users, but I can’t guarantee that without testing it myself. If you do change it, it might be best to do it during a time when the app is getting little use.

I really don’t know. I would at least make sure the email column is set to an email type instead of a text type. It should be working, unless there is a conflict with your user table, but if you feel that there is a bug, then you might want to submit a ticket to Glide support. My only suspicion at this point would be that you exceeded your private user limit for your team, but since you say you are within that limit, I really don’t have any other ideas.

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Thank you so much. I appreciate your time!