Glide / Zapier send email from signed in user

Hi there,

I have been struggling with it for a week and it would be a nice feature to release my app.

Experiencing Glide with Zapier, I’m trying to allow users to send other users a generic message like :
“I’m X, I want to offer help with this project, contact me at X”.

I want the recipient to remain hidden as long as he does not reply.

The zap is properly configured, a standard email with the name of the app would be the sender, the subject and the body are good.

However, I don’t know how I could specify the name of the sender user and/or his email as he is the signed-in user.

Thank you for your help,

Perhaps each user in your app has a profile page. That profile page has a Zapier button. The profile page contains email, name, etc and can pass that information to Zapier. You also have the ability to Send user email to Zapier, but you’d have to whip up some relation/lookup magic so that the signed in user’s Name is available as a column on each user profile so as to send that information to Zapier as well.

Neat concept. Let me know if you need assistance.

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Yes, actually all users are displayed in a “community” tab with a profile and a button. It contains the email of the user and his name to pass them to Zapier.

Indeed, I’d like to pass the signed-in user email and/or name (instead of the receiver’s name as it is now) in the email sent.

I can’t figure what the relation column should be to see “signed-in user” name or email in the columns.

If it’s just email, simply use this field:

Agreed. Just use the email special value and maybe ask the signed in user to type in their name. I don’t think there is any way to get the signed in user’s name. At least not for now. Maybe in the future, when Glide provides better profile management, then we will have access to more of the signed in user’s information.

The only way to make this work would be to create a user record multiplied by each user, so each user would have their own user specific list of all other users. If you had 10 users, then each user record would have to be replicated 10 times…one for each user with each user’s email address attached. That would mean 100 records just to show 10 records. It would be an exponential mess.