Zapier send email from signed-in user

Hello gliders,
I have set up a Zap which is working fine, except that the signed-in user field is not being picked up - it keeps using my zap account (default) email.I have tried switching things around but nothing seems to work.
Any idea why this may be happening? Please see my set up below.

Logically speaking, zapier only allows to send email from your email id which is registered with Zapier mainly because Zapier has authorisation to use your account only.

I really don’t think that Zapier can send email from signed user’s email id because Zapier does not have their authorisation.

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Do you mean your value 2 automatically takes your user email?

yes value 2 should take signed-in user email, but instead it takes my personal email (ie. zapier “default” email) - here is my zapier set up:

As Pratik said, probably the reason it doesn’t work is because the email address is not your alias.

For this, you can use an email button instead.

You mean an email button instead of a zap? But that email can’t be configured in any way, can it.

You can do so using a template column and point it to the body field.

The other issue I am having is the “link to current screen” does not seem to be working: this is the automatically generated link I get from Glide: any idea? FYI: the details screen (where the button which triggers the zap lives) pulls the data from my master sheet with has Row ID.

Seems like a bug. It should generate the deep link.