Invite new users


I maintain a private email app for listing members of a private community.

How could I realize an invite function? Existing members are allowed to add new members, but it would be great to have a more prominent function using a button and of course it would be great if the new user gets an invite mail.

ATM the email white list is stored in the same sheet as the profile data - so it would be enough to have a form button with an email component which adds a new row to profiles.

The email part is my problem I think.

Can I do this with Zapier?

Thx, Jan

I agree with your form button idea for acquiring emails. You could probably do something with zapier, but it would require a second button press by viewing the added profile record and then adding a zapier button to send the email.

Check out this thread for an idea using scripts:

Thx for your reply - I think I want to keep everything “no-code” - and, email is very special when it comes to delivery and spam. I do not want to have “some script from some server” sent mail.

But: A Zapier-send-email-button sounds good. Is there a Zapier Glide tutorial or can I learn everything with the Zapier tutorials? I am totally new to Zapier.


I’m not very familiar with Zapier either. Just starting playing with it this weekend. You could probably create single a zap that would write a record to your sheet and send an email at the same time. Just fill a couple entry fields on the screen and pass those values into a button with the Zapier action.