Add your friend email and invite him functionality


For my app, I want to build an “invite” tool that works something like this:

Entry field where the user introduces the email address of a friend. When he clicks “submit”, I want to send a message to that address with the invitation (either through glide apps or through an external tool - I am using ActiveCampaign).

Is this possible?
Thank you for your help

You would have to integrate Zapier/Integromat to have with this automation.

If you have a proper onboarding process then I think you can just have a form button that submits just the email to the user profiles sheet.

Then in the back end, trigger a Zapier/Integromat scenario to send an email to that specific email with the links and everything needed. Once that email owner logs into the app their row has already been created.


I’ve done this using Apps Script for one of my apps. The way it works is:

  • User taps on an “Invite a Friend” button
  • This opens a custom form that asks for a name and email address
  • When they submit, a new row is added to an “Invitations” sheet
  • An onChange() trigger picks this up and a script is called. That script:
    • Checks for new invitations (where “Invite Sent At” is empty)
    • If there are any new invites, it uses the MailApp service to send an email (with an attachment), and updates the “Invite Sent At” column.

With that said, I did the above before I became familiar with Integromat. If I was to do it again now, I’d definitely be using Integromat (as @ThinhDinh recommended). It’s way way way easier…

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I will use @ThinhDinh solution as it is way easier :slight_smile:
Thanks so much for your answers

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