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Hello, I am trying to make an app that involves checking out equipment. I have a form on it, but I do not know how to make it when people fill out the form for checkout it goes to an email. If there is a way I can make it send to email or if there is another way to do it, please let me know.

You can try a trigger in Zapier that every time a spreadsheet row is created, an email is sent to a chosen email address.

I am trying to do Zapier, but it is confusing is there a tutorial for that way?

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I set up the connection of google sheet to gmail, but I don’t know how to connect it now to Glide

Or implement into Glide

I think Jack gave a good walkthrough in the link Jeff sent, what specific part do you struggle with?

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You don’t necessarily need to connect it to Glide. Glide is connected to your Google Sheets. So when new row, then send email.

I am struggling with it sending to email, it only lets me when one column is updated. I test it and it works, but when I go to use it on the app no email

Are you triggering it on any new rows? I don’t think it should involve an updated column per your description, is that correct?

This is what I am trying to do, I am trying to make the form send to email. The user would put in the info and it gets added to the google sheet. But it won’t send to email and I have to have something in the body of the email otherwise it is blank when I test it.

You don’t have any rows in the Sheet it seems. Can you try submitting a test form, then use it to test the Zap?

I want to make it when a user fills out this form the info gets sent to email. It is being sent to the google sheet, I am trying to have the info from the sheet sent to email. It is saying no data in the columns. But when I add data to it it still says no data. Basically, I am trying to have the form’s info on glide send to email

Glide hasn’t offered a direct send email action, so what you can do here is either:

Create multiple user specific columns and make a Zap that takes those values to be included in the email body.

Use the current setup with new sheet row but you have to create a dummy data row first, then test the email. You can still skip the test but I advise you to test first before turning the Zap on.


Can this be done with Google Sheet Scripts instead of using Zapier? I read something about VBA. Which is better?

Jen - I’d recommend having a look at @Robert_Petitto’s Webhooks with Integromat Tutorial.

You can certainly send emails using Apps Script, and that’s something I could help with if you wanted to go down that rabbit hole - but the combination of Webhooks + Integromat is waaaay easier…


Oh, Thanks! Much easier than Zapier! :smile:

It worked for one, when I try to create another webhook in Glide it won’t allow me to add a name, the box keeps closing.

Is there a limit on how many webhooks you can make in free version? Not sure why I can’t make another one.

I also added forgot to add the image value, went back to add it (did the restructuring), and it’s not showing up as an option for the content of the email in the intergomat settings.

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I believe if you tell the webhook module in Integromat to “listen” again manually it will restructure the data when you push another one through.

Regarding the limit, I think it is 10 Zaps and Webhooks triggers per month for free apps, right?

Yes, I did the restructure:
Here are my values:

And what’s available in integromat, missing Featured Photo

Here a video showing I can’t add a new webhook.