Webhook Action: How it works?

Okay great. Thank you for explanation. Please share a video or demo on how to do it.

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Live or in Staging?

I still receive an error message when I try to set it up!! There is no way to test it

Anyone else has the same problem?


Yip I can’t create a webhook in compound actions. No way to configure it, the screen just jumps to a blank screen. @Mark & @david thanks for the webhooks, any idea how we can actually configure & save them? Cheers

@Mark & @david looks like you need to configure them in the single action screen then apply them in the compound action screen. You do get the option to configure it in the compound action screen but it simply jumps to a blank view once you click in the configure name or webhook url sections. Cheers :crazy_face:

Nope, you can enter the details but cannot save the hook. :disappointed:

A simple url will save but something like this doesn’t allow you to save:

@Mark & @david apologies guys I was trying to save a mailhook url - the integromat webhooks do save! All good thank you for this feature. :+1:

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Quickly, here’s how to get integromat up and running.

  • Create a new integromat scenario and search for “webhook”

  • Select custom


  • Add a hook

  • Copy the address

  • Paste it into a new webhook action in Glide.

  • Configure it to pass some data

  • Go back to integromat, run the scenario so it starts to wait for data

  • Trigger the action in glide

  • See the :dizzy:


Nice @Mauronic! I just finished my video tutorial. I’ll upload it momentarily into a new post.


Thanks @Mauronic I was sending data via an email triggered from a script in the sheet, sending the email to an Integromat mailhook to trigger a scenario. Now the webhook is simply passing the parameters. This is fantastic :grinning:

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Hi @Robert_Petitto thanks for doing a tutorial. Did you show us how to remove a webhook? I can’t see that anywhere. Might be because it is so early here in Australia!

There isn’t a way to remove them yet once you create them.


Thanks @Robert_Petitto, honestly Glide’s pace of feature roll outs is ridiculously impressive. Thanks for all the tutorials it’s greatly appreciated. Cheers


Goodbye gmail, hello yahoo

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Just a heads up that Glide doesn’t currently send the password in the Authorization header. That’ll be fixed on Friday the 15th.


I was wondering where the password went! Thanks

Is the password working now???

Yes it is. Gets set in the header.

Is there a way to send a webhook response with a success or failure message that gets shown in Glide? Integromat has the ability to send webhook responses. It would be a great feature!

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I don’t believe you can capture the webhook response with the Glide webhook action.
But it is possible if you send a webhook using Apps Script.

I set up my webhook according to the tutorial (thanks!). But I keep getting an error in Integromat regarding the sender’s email address.
I want to make sure that the users of the app (not me) can send emails (invoices comprised on data on screen) to me. Obviously, they have an email different from mine, but Integromat doesn’t seem to allow sending emails from a different address than mine. Is there a way to set that up (in Integromat or Google console)?

You must have access to their email to allow that to happen. It’s a logical security measure to prevent you from sending emails without people’s consent. An alternative way is using the compose email action.