Glide Webhook not returning correctly

Integromat is now re-branding as Make. I have created a scenario using the Glide made Webhook.
It seems that the data is not being returned correctly or something. Honestly not sure.
@Robert_Petitto created a tutorial a year ago before the Webhook module was readu I assume but if you watch the video you will see the perams response data in the webhook data returned, however it is not accessible in the scenario data.

I may be wrong but it seems that what you were showing on Make didn’t appear on the video.

I think I just figured out what I missed… :nerd_face: :man_facepalming:t2:

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Yes you are correct. I completely forgot to select the Chrome share not just single tab.

Use Custom Webhook not glide nor anything just custom webhook will do the job

I have over 200 webhooks to glide and its working great

@SantiagoPerez its sewms.that glide integromat has issue


Are you still having issues? I thought you said you fixed it.

Hey @SantiagoPerez I did using the custom Webhook instead of the Glide one. As @Yasin_Hassanien suggested above.

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Right—I always just use webhook.

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So I am using a POST mutation for the API for one Single Row but my HTTP request is returning a 400 code.


And I have my header in there as Ath…

@SantiagoPerez have you personally used Integromat?

If so, and have an active account. If you wouldn’t mind to test, that would be cool.

You would however have to update the Account to the new Make brand.

Then make an HTTP Request with the API using a POST method.

If not you, would anyone be able to? I have a pushy client, any help is greatly appreciated.

Make sure you take off any space off of the schema. A good trick is to paste the schema in the browser address bar, then copy it an paste it on

Hey @SantiagoPerez That got the code to return 200, but now my output has no data in the output.

Input is correct.

You might want to resync your webhook.

Ah okay.


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I blurred your appID and tableName, just to be sure it’s not exposed in this forum.