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Hello everyone,
Have somebody faced that the amount of values or parameters received by integromat are less that the ones are “sent” by glide? I am currently sending 10 values and receiving only 8.

When you set up your webhook, put dummy values in to send to integromat :slight_smile: blank values do not appear as parameters :slight_smile:


This is a great advice, an alternative for me is use a HTTP module in Integromat to mimic sending data to the webhook via a POST request.


Thanks @Mark_Turrell and @ThinhDinh for your advices, I think the issue was mostly related to the time frame between writing data and picking them up to send it by the webhook. The data of the webhook come from computed columns based on one column that was written just before the webhook trigger, so by the time the webhook was triggered, I think some data was not computed already. I split this two step in the user interface (write the data and trigger the webhook) to have a “delay” and it worked well.


@Robert_Petitto I know you usually work with Integromat and webhook at glide, i’ve faced the issue mentioned in this thread several times, in addition to that some parameters are getting into integromat with different name, have you faced these type of issues before? any idea what could be wrong?

Thanks in advance for your support!

Hm. I haven’t seen this. They typically show up as whatever I name them in the webhook.

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I would advise a “re-determine data structure” step in the webhook so that you can confirm it’s shown as it should be. Also, don’t rename your param names in Glide unless you want to change the data structure.


Thanks @ThinhDinh , I actually didn’t know that has to be done, I also saw tutorial done by @Robert_Petitto where specifies to do that after any change on the data sent, in this case by glide. Tested few times so far and worked well, hope it got permanently fixed. Will continue monitoring and anything will keep you posted.

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