Hyperformula - what is computed when (and so wrong or blank value is saved on action)

Annoying thing…
I have a name field - legalname - and I need to split it into first and last name
I have been using a hyperformula to do the split
and now trying to write in the computed value to a webhook to send to integromat
the value is not being picked up - so I get a blank value passed through to integromat

Has anyone else had this issue? Thanks! M

If I’m not wrong, you couldn’t send values coming from a plugin to integromat…

That should be wrong.

Hyperformula (and JavaScript) columns run in a more secure ‘sandboxed’ mode (you can see this here). This could be introducing a crucial delay that misses the value when sending the webhook. We’ll have to take a look to see if we can ensure the sandboxed plugins get enough time to produce their results when running in actions.


I was never able to send values coming from a plugin to Integromat, and if I’m not wrong someone mention the same a while back, that’s why I mentioned it. But thank you for the clarification David. But I only tried it with the Yes Code column, maybe that’s why…

I have realized that in many cases, the values are empty when passed to Integromat via webhook. This is obviously not great… but I can work around some things at least. Thanks!

I believe Mark said that the value needs to be on the screen for it to go on the webhook.

Also, if I’m not mistaken, @ThinhDinh has been able to pass values form code columns through webhooks by doing having them on the screen.

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the values need to be on screen in some way… so a rich text component which turns the text white on a white background kind of thing?

Right Mark!

That is the current trick I know for it

I just hide the text using a condition that is never true. That still forces Glide to compute for it. To add an additional measure to make sure the value is computed, I set my button’s visible condition to if the value in question is not empty.