Email Notification when new row is created in Glide Table?

is it possible, using Zappier or otherwise to send an email notification when a new row is created in a glide table? Or is that only possible using a google sheet?

I guess that depends. If you add the row in Glide with an AddRow action, you could just create a custom action where the AddRow is followed by a Zapier action sending the email.
However if the row is created in the backend in Google Sheets that gets more complicated.


If you create the row using a form, you can add an on submit webhook action to send a payload to Make/Zapier, then process that info in the automation services to send an email.

If you create the row using an add row action, same flow as above, just add a webhook action to the custom combo action you’re using.


But can’t you choose the action ‘send email’ in Glide?

You also can send sheduled email notification, for example, when a contract expires, I inform my client 3 months in advance that it expires. Just create a column with 3 months before the deadline, and schedule the email sending with the date 3 months before the deadline, it allows me to notify people without actually having an “action”. (but this work when u add the contract or update the contract with a webhook action").


I assume you’re using a Sheet for that (so you can sort of check the table every day and if the “notification day” is today then you send an email)?

That action is only available for paid plans, and does not support HTML if I recall right (in case you want to format the email body). You can send a webhook payload on free plans.

Ah ok!

It’s about when you add te contract or update the contrat, when you update the contract you also put the expiration date of contract, so we create a zapier with office 365, where we send the email at this sheduled date.

So we sheduled an email to the client.

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I have a paid plan, but unless I don’t know how to configure that action, I think it is essentially like an html mailto: tag, right? It opens a pre-populated email that the user sends. My original post wasn’t totally clear, but I want something that sends an email to me automatically when a user adds a row (by submitting a form). Sounds like a webhook triggered at submission as @Killko and @ThinhDinh suggest would do it. But if there is already a Glide action that does it that would be awesome.

My question was more about this part. What triggers your Zap? Do you run it everyday and check if there’s a “scheduled” row on this day?

This logic still applies, you will just need to add the “Send email” action instead of the webhook.

No one corrected me, but now that I’ve tested it I see that I was wrong about the send email action. It does work as an automatic email. When I tested it before I swear it just popped open a populated email in my email client for me to hit send on. So that is a solution as well, it seems. (or maybe that was what @ThinhDinh was telling me and I misunderstood…)

Is there away to access a bcc field?

Those are 2 different actions:

  • “Send Email”: automatic email based on the fields you populate into that action
  • “Compose Email”: pre-populate an email draft based on the fields you populate, and open the email for you to review before you hit send on the pop-up email window

Looks like no ability to BCC in “Send Email”. If you still want it to be automated and add the ability to BCC, you can try a combination of webhook > email module in Make/Zapier.

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