New action trigger - row added to a table

I want to send data to external systems when a row is added to a table. A Submit button action is not enough since the row can be added from the API.
Then my Glide page can work as a link in a bigger context.

If you’re adding a row via the API, could you not send the data to your external system at the same time using a second API call? :man_shrugging:

I know that is a possibility in some cases. But in most of my cases this is not possible. Thats why I would like the webhook for row added, deleted or updated.

Could you give us an example of where you are stuck/ when that’s not possible?

When a row is added, edited or deleted via Glide we can add an action to our sequence/ on submit to trigger a webhook.

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In this case the process starts with a user adding a row to a Google Spreadsheet.
Could also be a API that add a row.

We would like to use the information from the API or Add row action to update other tables and also to trigger a webhook to forward part of the information added.

Out Glideapp is a middleman that recieves information and forward some of the information directly when recieved and some update later on with information from the app, eg. Subit action.

If I understand your process correctly the only case you need help with is when a user manually adds a row to GoogleSheet. If the row is added via GlideApp or through the API then the process should be pretty straight forward.

You might find some help with Make/Integromat’s GoogleSheet “watch changes” module. (I’ve never used it) I would imagine you need another columnn in your GSheet something like “isCompleted” which the Make scenario checks before proceeding. This way your users could start filling out a row manually but the entire Make scenario will not execute unless the row is marked ‘Completed’

Screen Shot 2023-04-11 at 11.25.59 AM

Thanks, this could be an option but I don´t use GoogelSheet. Only Glide table. But similar feature built in Glide woud be great.