Insert Data to Glide via API

Any timeline for pushing data into glide tables via an API ?

Please say more. What’s your use case? How would you like this to work?

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Easy David.

Imagine a Webhook sent to Integromat and later, it replies the answer to a Glide Table without using Google Sheet.
We would gain time and decrease the update time for that newer data on APP.

On my IIoT APP, I will gain 5-7 secs and my data will be updated in 3-5 secs instead of 9-11 secs that I have using a GS to receive newer data.



Maybe like that

Any many scenarios such as custom payments and service subscription it requires an instant update in glide if its paid or not because in the current situation we have to wait atleast a min to get updated in glide after the update in Google sheet.

There are alot of process also similar when we send an email for users as a notification that there is an update in their app, they get the email but nothing in the app since its not updated

Lastly we are relying on Glide tables in many scenarios and we can successfully pull data out through webhooks and Zapier but we can’t push back any update for these data which creates a struggle in the middle

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Related to this, I would like to see an option where I could post data to Glide via a webhook.

I’m currently working on a project where I’m integrating with a medical screening device. This is an IOT device, and provides the following via an API:

  • temperature
  • heart rate
  • respiratory rate
  • thermal image
  • photograph (with eventual facial recognition)
  • QR code decode

Right now, I am pulling the above data from the cloud API every minute into a Google Sheet. This means that there is typically a 3-5 minute delay between the scan and the data hitting the app. Being able to call the API directly from Glide or (even better) being able to post to a Glide webhook would make this almost instantaneous.

Why is this important to me?

Amongst other things, I want to use this device as part of an attendance system, ie:

  • Employee arrives at the office
  • Employee has an app with a QR code that has their employee ID embedded
  • Employee stands in front of the device and shows their QR code
  • Device scans employee and their QR code
  • Device sends data back to the cloud
  • Cloud posts webhook to Glide
  • Employee sees result in their app almost immediately
  • (and back end system registers that employee has arrived at work)

I already have the above scenario up and running, it’s just the last few steps that are the missing piece in the puzzle.