Action "API !"

Why not have an Action API?
As there are Webhook and API columns which are already a good base. The creation of an API action seems close.
Which could have value in return.

Currently I am using a webhook action with a proprietary script and a return value in a sheet, but the refresh in Glide takes several minutes. And I have to use the google sheet while all my tables are in Glide Table.

It’ll have an API column

Hi @Lucas_Pires
Yes I know and I read this discussion with interest, but there are obviously technical difficulties to put into production.
I am thinking in particular of mass calls if you are using a list or whatever.
And it remained a long time in suspense.
It’s a (simpler ;-)) way

Feel you. Talking about me, I still don’t know how to implement it, but gotta study a bit more

Webhook or API Column ?

API Column

At the time, I tested the demos successfully, but for a while I got an error. So I’m waiting for a production to make further progress.
If you are successful in certain things, I am a taker!