How can I create a webhook that triggers when data is added to a specific Glide table?

I have an app with many different tables.
I see there are webhooks, but I do not see any actions on when data is added to a table.

Is this possible?

My use case is when a row is added to a specific table, I would like to trigger a webhook that sends that row information to an AWS API Gateway (Amazon Web Services).

How is data being added to the tables?

If it’s via a form in the App, you can use an onSubmit action to trigger a webhook.

Hi, thanks for the response! Data is being added automatically when an email is received so there is no UI that is triggering this within the app.

Automatically how?

ie. Are you adding a row via the API, or…?

The information is being pushed into the table by utilizing Make: Glide • Make (

In short, yes, it is using the API.

My question is a bit separate from this. Is Glide itself able to monitor its tables and create a webhook when a row is added?

In short, no you can’t trigger a glide action to call a webhook externally…but if you already have a Make scenario, why not add to the scenario to call a webhook directly from Make? Wouldn’t that be a simpler solution?

Yes, it definitely would haha. I won’t go into my use-case but I don’t have the availability to use Make and was hoping it could be all handled by Glide.

Thank you for clarifying I appreciate it.

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Check out the ‘On submit’ configuration when adding rows to tables in Glide.

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