📣 Testers needed: Send Email action

If you are working on a Private Pro app and would like to help us test a Send Email action that, when run, actually sends an email, please let us know and we will enable this on your app next week.

The email will be sent from Glide <no-reply@glideapps.com> for now.



except the fact that it’s not free :frowning:


I’m down.

Mailchimp’s transactional email pricing only makes sense for very large apps so I’d love to try it.

Be careful on how long you run it through glideapps.com, you don’t want your company’s primary domain to get dinged if there are a lot of spam reports :slight_smile:

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Would love to test this out! I am currently using scripts to do this.
Btw what would happen if I am using annonymous email addresses inside Glide? Would the emails be sent to the real addresses?


Good question, but the feature looks great!

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I would love to give it a test.

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I am in. Next week I plan to upgrade an app to Pro that allows customers to submit request for maintenance on their facility, emails will help notify when work is scheduled to be done, etc.

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When will email actions from our own email accounts be ready?

Can you say more about what you mean? Do you mean, the From field is an email you choose? Or the emails are actually sent from your email service?

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The emails would be sent from our business domain. For example Tom@company.com.

Will that be possible in the future?

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I am working on one that will send an email at a specified time in the future, say 24 hours after signing up for the app (it is a reminder for the user to record the results of a product that they are trying. I was planning to use zapier to make this happen. Would this be a candidate for the test or do you only want emails that are sent immediately?

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I think if it’s an action that will be integrated into the compound set then scheduled triggers won’t work. If it can work like what you want then it’s wonderful.

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What I really want to do is to text the reminder, so I may just stick with Zap + SMS


would love to give it a try!

This would be great…would love to test. - Robert

Count me in.

Would love to test it. Please let us know how to get our apps added in list.

Would love that

Yes please !