Configuring Complex Custom Actions

Dear Glide community,
I saw here a few posts about custom actions being a bit buggy, tried to get help both here and on Glide support but I couldn’t figure out what’s wrong, so I’m trying here again.

The custom action I’ve configured is in a Directory website, when a client tries to contact a business listed on the website he fills out a booking form. The custom action is being triggered after the booking form is being sent, and I want it to do the following >> If the business name exists, show a success notification, then send an email to the business, then send an email to the customer)
This is the custom action:

This is how I configured the Send email to business owner action:

This is how I configured the Send email to client action:

Would really appreciate any help on this or any relevant suggestion.

Well, I noticed on my “Pro” app, that emails are not supported. So perhaps you need to talk to Glide about why your emails are not being sent.

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Thanks for your help!
I was able to send emails from my account, just not under a custom action, I think it might be something else.
Still trying to debug it on my side as well.

Only on Private Pro plan

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Send email actions are only available in Private Pro apps. Are you on Public Pro or Private Pro?


It’s on a Private Pro plan of Glide Pages

If you can reproduce that supposed bug please submit it to the support team.

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