Send Mail not possible

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App ID: 8yBWpCiIlC3jbVC7MwCR

  • In the Glide builder URL, e.g.


  • Couldn´t send mail
    Bildschirmfoto 2024-07-09 um 09.36.25

How to replicate

  • Build an action - setup action "send mail - I´m on the Business-Plan

Is this any chance an action that was duplicated from another action? Or is it brand new? Can you try removing that send email action and adding it again?

it is new. i have already tested 2 ways. once via a button and once via a user action. Both times I get an error message.

Hello Bernd!

I ran into the same problem before. Apparently this only happens when using the editor, once you access the app through its published/live mode, it should work.

I encountered other users with this same issue, but I have no clue what’s behind it. If you want the quick workaround, try triggering the action from the published app.


exactly this was the problem - many thanks!!

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