Send Email action error?

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14.02.2024 13:00

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Send Email action is notifying an error each time we try to run it, and it isn’t sending any emails. I have maker plan.

How to replicate

  • Create a button with a Send Email action and click it.

Can you show us how your action is configured please?

For example
it worked for 2 weeks, until today

What error do you see when it runs?

Is anything logged in the action log?

See red box “Error”
In logs looks like everything is ok

So even though the log shows no errors, no email is sent to the address stated?

Thats right
Also an error notification pops up

Which plan are you on? I’m wondering if you might have hit a limit for sending emails.

Im on “Maker” plan
In these two weeks i sent about ± 1000 messages
limit for sending emails? i never heard about this

I think there might be a limit, but I’m not sure what it is. @NoCodeAndy should be able to confirm or correct me.

Today it worked again)
I think the limit is 1000 emails per month

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Also remember to check if you’ve hit the updates limit for your plan.

See our docs for more details: