Custom Action Send Email Doesn't work

Hi dear Glide community!
Anyone familiar with a bug in a relatively complicated custom action where it can’t send an email successfully?
If anyone here is willing to hop on a call anytime today it’ll be an amazing help for me!!
Thank you in advanced :slight_smile:

Might be an obvious question, but do you have Private Pro for this app?

If it’s a yes, I assume it runs the left branch and shows the notification successfully, just that the email is not sent?

Hi @ThinhDinh!
Yes, I do have a Private Pro account for this app.

And seems like you are right.
I think I might be realizing it just now - can’t I send emails with a Private Pro account?

Yes, that Send Email action will only work with a Private Pro account as far as I aware.

Is the issue still presented on your end? If you can reproduce it please submit it to the support team.

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Yes I am still having this issue, trying to learn how do debug on Glide to check if the problem is on my side:)
Will write to the support team as well.
Thank you so much for your help on this! @ThinhDinh

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I was experiencing the exact same issue with a custom action that I made. I was able to get around it by switching the order of the email and the notification. Sending the email first and then showing the notification seemed to fix the issue. It seems like somehow the notification preceding the email was preventing it from being sent. Hope this helps!