Send an email with the content of a form


Is it possible for a user to receive an email with the content of A form after submission of the form itself? Maybe zapier could help me?


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Use Zapier for now, but we are working on making this possible in Glide.

How much would you expect sending emails in Glide to cost?


David, what does it cost you? :thinking:

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Totally right to Deena.
Maybe a pro feature?

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Yes! Also a limited amount for the free apps - similar to Zapier’s free plan, so that new Gliders can experience the full functionality before upgrading.

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Is there anyone can help me in this? Totally newbie

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I have checked out the Zapier plans and site but haven’t used it yet! Have you tried copying your Zapier API key from the Glide settings and gone through the Zapier Account creation? I suspect it’s fairly straightforward. Once you have set up the key with Zapier, I believe you can then start to choose the zap as an action. I’m sure one of the more experienced Gliders will jump in here soon if you have specific questions!



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Here is a really helpful video the glide team put together that will help:


Great - exactly what I needed next! Thank you for sharing!

This feature would be great as a boost (i.e. $x to send 100 emails a month or something). I’ve been getting close to needing to upgrade to a paid Zapier plan, but making work-arounds to avoid it (also, would you guys get any referral cash if a Glide user is converted to a paid Zapier user? I never knew what Zapier was before using Glide). It would be great to only have one service to pay for per month/year. Just makes things cleaner on my end.

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It would be helpful if you could tell us:

  • How many emails you’d expect to send per month
  • How much you think you would pay for that?

For example:

  • My app will send 1,000 emails per month
  • I’d expect this to cost $10

Many users say things like “I need to be able to send unlimited emails,” when by “unlimited” they mean “a number that I don’t want to estimate, but it’s under 1,000.”


My app will send under 100 emails per month.

I’d expect this to be included in a Pro subscription, or offered as a boost for $5/month.

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It looks like 1,000 emails per month in Zapier starts at $48.75 paid monthly:


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True, but Zapier is more than just sending emails.

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I get that but that’s all they do (send zaps) - it’s their core business…as I think about it, I start to wonder if the pricing for this inside Glide should be the same approach. I am very supportive of Glide making money. Please forgive my lack of understanding about the cost and implications for Glide, but the way I see it, those emails are going from my company’s email account and I am programming an action (so to speak) for Glide to send them. What is the cost of such action besides the cost of building the action for us to send the email? Since it is not currently possible in Glide, we have to use Zapier integration and pay more and experience more fragmentation. I am trying to understand what the cost should be based on the fact that this is not Glide’s core business. It seems more like a thing that should be slightly marked up vs. grossly marked up. Again, I’m seeking to understand before forming an opinion.


I promise we will not charge Zapier prices for sending emails :wink:


Maybe more, maybe less :wink:

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I trust Glide and believe you will be fair. Thank you for asking for opinions!

David, would the emails come from our domains or from glide?

Any emails that do not include our domain in my opinion would be considered part of a free app.

If they come from our domain with our branding, then I think it is fair to charge and is something I would pay for. In my opinion, I would think something comparable to SendGrid pricing would be appropriate.

OR… perhaps you can integrate the SendGrid API like you did the Zapier API and call it a day. :pray: