Emails Sent Limit (1000)

I have around 3 - 4 emails sent per order received to inform clients of the status. I need more than 1000 emails.

Is this 1000 / month and what advice is there if I need more than this limit?
Do I have to integrate with Zapier/Make or is Glide not strict about this limit or are there any better and simple options?

So do you send your emails by the “send email” action in Glide? If you do not use it and just pass the info to Integromat/Zapier, the limit would be on the webhook/Zapier action instead, which is unlimited on Pro.

I dont send emails in an efficient way yet. It is being done manually. Looking what the best option would be if I want to trigger the email using a button on my Glide App as all the necessary data is in the Glide App.
The send email in Glide seemed a good option but the 1000 emails limit is a bit too low. any idea if this is monthly? and if Glide is strict on this?

You can use Google scripts if your data is in Google sheets

Personally, I always use a webhook + Integromat for sending emails. If you prefer not to do that, then my advice is to sit tight for a little while. There are some changes to the pricing structure in the wings, which I believe will provide a little more flexibility for situations like yours.

I’m not sure if the current limit is enforced. Others might know.