Alternatives to Zapier or Integromat


I have a chat set up in my app, where the recipient and sender should receive an email each time a chat is started or accepted.

I had a Google Script set up, but it’s not working correctly. I took a look at Zapier and Inregromat but wanted to see if I should be looking at any others. I’m just thinking about the number of ‘zaps’ or ‘operations’ etc that will be happening.


Personally I use Integromat for EVERYTHING. I yell it from the roof tops to anyone who will listen :slight_smile:

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Haha thanks! I was leaning that way esecially cause its alot cheaper, and I never can figure out how to set up a Zap correctly. I have a few operations with Inegromat already, but the numbers aren’t as large for those.

I did have a few questions though.

For data transfer limit, does that only include images or text as well?? What exactly is minimum interval?

I fully automate 2 of my business with Integromat. Before Integromat, I was paying a part-time staff member for 6-8 hours per week. After Integromat, I no longer employ them :smiley:

Using the Webhook action in Glide, I send a LOT of data to Integromat for background processes/tasks.


As far as I’m aware, there is no rate limiting being applied by Glide. And, I’m not sure if Integromat have any rate limits on Webhooks.

I’ve sent 4500 records in a single hit to Integromat and it wasn’t a problem.

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Yes, it’s something that Integromat has on their pricing page.

Ah, thats nothing to do with webhook rate limts.

Depending on your app, you may get close to the 100Mb monthly data cap.
The minimum Interval is the scenario processing time. The minimum time a process to rerun would be 15 minutes.
The Scenario execution timeout may be a problem, but then again, it depends on how much you send in your app. Evening the minimum time of 5 minutes is a HUGE amount of time for a scenario to run.

Personally, I don’t think you’ll face a problem, even on the free account. And, when it comes to the limited number of DataStores, you can use free MySQL services to get around that.


Thanks!~ I already have 2 scenarios, and will need 2 more in this case, so might try out the basic plan.

Use 2 different email address for 2 free accounts :smiley:

Use a free MYSQL database service if you need to transfer data between the scenarios or you can use webhooks to link scenarios.

I’m running a standard plan, with about a dozen active scenarios.
I don’t think I’ve ever hit more than 2% of my monthly operations quota, or 1% of my data transfer quota.

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ook…good to know. thanks!

I have a Business plan, and some months I get very close to my operation quota. I almost never reach 10% of my data quota.

Currently running 156 scenarios



Oh wow, I will start with the basic plan. Hopefully that will be enough

yeah, it all depends on your use case(s).
I think the point is though that Integromat is very affordable and their quotas are extremely generous.


You could try with IFTTT as well depending on services you want to connect.

IFTTT has another scope and ideas that Integromat/Zapier don’t but again, depending on cases/services.
In addition, IFTTT is cheaper!!



Do you transfer data or synchronize DBs using Integromat?

Each register read/moved from a DB by Integromat is counted as one Operation so, if you have 1000 registers in your MySQL table and write them to GS, Integromat will run your scenario but will block your free account because of you reached the limit quota.

That was my case using a scenario with a MS SQL Server table.


Thank you! Yes, I’ve used IFTTT in the past, don’t like their setup too much.

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Hi Darren,

For the email recipient, I am pulling a column from my sheet that is an email address, but I don’t think Integromat is reading it as an email address. I’m getting an error that there is no email address. Should I be doing something else?



Or does anyone who uses Integromat know how to pull the email address correctly?