Scheduled Emails or Notifications

Hello, i want to schedule emails in my Glide Page, what I want it’s create a task and put a Deadline into it or a reminder, and the reminder gonna pick the date and schedule a email with a trigger button action.

So I want to know if someone allready know to it with Glide Tables (maybe with Zapier) ?.

Thank’ you !

Just to understand, you want to create a deadline for a task, and then for a reminder to trigger 3 days before, 1 day before, etc., for example?

Yes exactly, without any action, so what i was thinking is create a scheduled email or sms.

For now, look into a platform like Mailerlite or mailchimp. The task can trigger a webhook to add users to a group/campaign that automatically schedules those emails. I believe Glide will eventually allow us to have condition based triggers, but it’s a ways off yet.


Thanks for your idea.

It would be a huge step forward for the Glide community, if it could be implemented natively.

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