Setting up reminders

I’m wondering if anyone has a solution on how users can setup reminders in an app.

My use case:

I have a Glideapp for a company that manages clients. (Clients don’t have access to the app, it’s only used by the company’s employees as a backend).

I want there to be an option for a client manager to be able to setup a reminder of when to revisit a client.

How I would like it to function

On a clients detail page, have a button ‘Setup Reminder’.

On click, a form pops up to fill out date for reminder (passes through client ID and manager ID). The form populates a table called reminders.

When reminder date arrives, manager should receive notification (push or email) of reminder.


Is there a way to accomplish this in Glide? (Perhaps using Zapier with gmail or something like that)

The setup you described sounds right. I would write those into a Google Sheet, then use a Make/Zapier scenario to run everyday, check the “reminder date” to see if it’s today, and then send the email to the manager (make sure you record the manager’s email).

In the future, I expect Glide to be able to do this with something they call time-based actions (which hopefully would help you do push notifications).


Thank you for that!

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