Trigger a webhook at a particular date

Hey, I am working on a project and one of the feature is sending sms to users on their birthday automatically from the app without the click of a button.

Like when birthday = current time >>> trigger webhook without button click.

How can I make this work?

What you can do is use Integromat, make sure your data is in Google Sheets, then run it every day at 7AM your time. I assume you have a date column for the birthday.

  • Have a Google Sheet search node as the first node, use Integromat’s date functions to extract the day and month of the “now” time and compare it to the day and month of the Sheet time. If they both match then return the row.

  • Send an email with the information retrieved.


Thanks. Can I do so via glidesheet?

No. With Glide, as of now, actions must be triggered by the user. There are no scheduled triggers like Integromat.

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Is there a way for me to transfer my glide sheet to google sheet without starting afresh.

If you started your app without a Google Sheet then you don’t have a way to add it now. If your data structure isn’t too hard to rebuild then you can export your data and start a new app with a Google Sheet.

It is always recommended to start with a Google Sheet since you might never know when you will need it.


Thanks. I will do so now. The feature is very core.

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