Whatsapp notifications as a reminder

Hello Everyone,
we have a app in which users will enter their planned meetings,for them i want to send whatsapp notifications as reminders one day before the meeting so how can I do That?

Hey madhu,

to send messages to numbers on WhatsApp via an API, you need to use the official Whatsapp Business API directly or an official service provider for the WhatsApp API.

I can recommend the solution from Sendpulse, as I am currently active there as well.

Keep the following points in mind when using WhatsApp for automated sending.

  • the messages are charged similar to SMS providers.
  • the templates for sending have to be verified first (WhatsApp /provider)
  • your META profile must have a company verification/confirmation.

The unofficial methods that access private numbers, I do not recommend you because these will be banned by WhatsApp.

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