Whatsapp Business Push Notification

So I got many questions about how to push notifications through WhatsApp and below are the steps and info please don’t skip any of them, this got me 2 weeks to try and error to be able to figure it out.

  1. Whatsapp notification is paid notification per each (opening message) will explain later, hence calculate a budget for it

  2. You need Whatsapp Business Partners such as Twilio, Freshchat Or Messagebird and there are more but I prefer Twilio in programmable Text system and reliable check their message pricing and this is a 10$ test referral to check it out

  3. You need to apply and verify your business through Facebook Business ( Not the green Tick) and the steps can be found here and I prefer to use Twilio or any of the mentioned partners to get this done for you to speed up the process and they can do it on your behalf

  4. You either build a Node JS server or user Zapier (preferred) to use webhooks in order to push the messages through check out this video to understand how to add it.
    Use URL Encoder for messages customization.

  5. You will need to make sure to submit a template to WhatsApp in order to enable the notification, and in this criteria, they are having it to avoid spamming users and these are the ones that are paid please watch this to understand more, Twilio may change the price at any time that’s why you need to check their pricing schema in Point No 2

You need to calculate your message monthly it might cost depends on the business type

Other messages partners are somehow costly since they require you to subscribe either on annual plans or sometimes monthly, if you guys found a cheaper messages partner please post it here

About the Green Tick :white_check_mark: , don’t bother your self about it unless you have a reputable account on social media or a well-known brand, you will need Twilio or Others to submit on your behalf to get you the check mark however they won’t get you any guarantee for it as this is based on the judgement from Whatsapp Team



Thank you for this